This brief guide will get you started on Agora, from the creation of an account, to navigation elements and key features.

Accessing the portal

Agora is a learning platform that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device connected to the internet. Open a browser window and type the URL:

Account registration and login

There are two processes. It is important that you use the one corresponding to your user profile:

UNICEF staff members with an active UNICEF email address already have an Agora account. If requested, use the same username and password that you would use to access your UNICEF Outlook mailbox.

If you are not a UNICEF staff member, you can register on Agora for free. Agora is open to donors, government officials, students, UN staff and the general public – everybody is welcome! To register for your free account you only need to select the option Create an account and complete the registration form.


Edit your profile and preferences

Your Profile settings are accessible from the top right corner. There you can upload a profile picture and share a few words about your interests as a learner. You can also update your email communication preferences and (if you are not a UNICEF staff member) verify or change your password details.

Edit your profile and preferences.gif

Set notifications

To change your communication preferences, go to your Profile page. Then, look for the User details block, and then click on the Edit Profile link. An editable profile form will appear. Scroll down to the end of the page, and click on the title Communication preferences. The option "Receive Site Announcements email notifications" will appear. Check or uncheck the tick box according to your preference. Finally, click the Update profile button to save changes.

Set notifications.gif

Explore the catalogue and find learning opportunities

Browse learning activities and resources using the Agora Catalogue. Access the catalogue from your dashboard. Once you are on it, you can filter the search and refine your results with the Filters accordion located on the top left corner of the page.

Catalogue Filters.gif

Enrolment and completion of learning activities

If you see an activity or course that interests you, click on “learn more” to view the full details and decide whether this is the right opportunity for you. Note that enrolment methods may differ from one activity to another - from self-enrolment to request for approval or a different application processes. The enrolment method will be indicated on the summary page of each activity, in the Enrolment Options block.

Join the activity.png

Record of Learning

Available as a sub-menu item under My Learning, your Record of Learning displays all Activities that you have started or completed. Quick links to the activities you most recently accessed are also available on the home page.

Agora's interface and basic functionalities


  1. In the menu bar you can access your user profile, Agora's mailbox, change language and more.
    The   button opens a dropdown menu that allows you to change the platform's language. Select between English, Spanish or French.
    The button   takes you to your Agora mailbox. The user icon and name tag opens a dropdown menu where you can access your   profile, change preferences or   log out.
  2. Header: You can open the navigation menu and search for learning opportunities.
    The   button opens a menu that contains quick access to My Learning, My Reports, Browse learning activities, and Support and documentation.
  3. Breadcrumb: The breadcrumb allows you to see the location of a page and gives you the option to freely navigate the hierarchy.
    The   button will take you Agora's home page.
  4. Blocks contain information relevant to your profile. These are: My channels, Recent learning, My mandatory courses, and Latest Badge. All blocks display information collected from your user profile, activity registration and progress in activities. They are useful tools to keep track of your learning activities.
  5. Slider: The slider contains information of interest about new learning opportunities.
  6. Navigation quick links: The menu contains buttons to access    My Learning,  My Plan,   Catalogue and    Support.
Created by Natalia Echeverry on 2020/05/19 21:50