What is Agora Offline?  It is a stand-alone application that can be installed on Windows-based computers. It allows learning activities from the Agora web portal to be downloaded, and completed without subsequent use of an internet connection. The use of Agora Offline is recommended in offices with slow or unreliable connections, or for travelling users who’d like to take some learning materials with them. Upon completion of an activity, and when an internet connection is available again, it is then possible to report data back to the web portal, to receive full recognition of your development activities.  

Installing the application

We are pleased to introduce a new "Agora Offline" application, now compatible for smartphones, tablets (iOS and Android) and for windows computers. The Agora Offline solution is a great solution for learners travelling or struggling with slow or instable internet connection. 

Mobile applications

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Desktop application

Please select an option: I will be the desktop application on... 

a UNICEF work station     Another computer 

Using a UNICEF work station

If you are using a UNICEF work station (i.e. your office computer or a UNICEF laptop),  the Agora Offline software should already be installed on your machine. Find the shortcut in e-service folder located in your work machine or look for the software under the Windows Start menu. 

Using another computer

If you are using another computer, you will first need to install Agora Offline application.

Installation: CLICK HERE to download the installation file. Upon download of the file, double click on it and follow the instructions.

Minimum requirements: 

- Agora Offline can be installed on Windows-based computers only. It works on Windows 10. 
- The software requires 175 Mb of space - and preferably a few more gigabytes to download the courses themselves. 
- Browsers: it should work with Chrome (30 and above), Firefox (25 and above), as well as Microsoft Edge Chromium

Login and profile creation

When you first use Agora Offline, you will need to login to the Agora web portal to create a connection with your record and provide you with the list of courses you can download on the application.  

Learning activities enrolment and download

You will only be able to download activities from the offline player, if you have first enrolled for those activities on the Agora web portal:

Browse the catalogue, on the website of Agora, and look for activities that are marked as compatible with Agora Offline (see image).


A specific filter helps you find compatible activities. 


3.2. Once you have enrolled for compatible activities, you will see them appear on the home page of the Agora Offline application.  You can then download a course by clicking on the icon display on the right of the relevant title. 


If you have a slow connection, consider downloading your courses when you are not working and/or overnight. 

Completing learning activities

You can access learning access from the mobile application's home page (to which you can return at any time with the "house" icon at the bottom of the screen). Courses can be loaded without being downloaded if you have an internet connection. 

You can complete part of a course with the application, and part of it on the Agora web portal.

If some of your progress done on the application does not appear on the web portal, check the section copied lower about synchronization. 

If some of your progress done on the web portal does not appear on the mobile or desktop app, make sure to enable your internet connection and consider updating your download of the course. 

Synchronizing progress

The new version of the Agora Offline app allows multiple synchronization. Synchronization is normally automatic when you are connected to the internet, but you also have an option to synchronize in your profile settings, in the Agora Offline app. 

Synchronize account.gif

1- First click on the menu icon located at the bottom right of the app. 

2- On the page that appears, click on "App settings". 

3- Then click on "Synchronization"

4- On the page that appears, a section with your profile, and on the right side, a set of two arrows. Click on them to synchronize your data with the web platform.

Managing downloaded activities

As you keep using the application, it will become increasingly important to manage your downloaded activities. 

Updating downloaded activities

It is very easy to update the content of an activities already downloaded on your device. A circular arrow appears on the right of the relevant activities as shown in the image below. Clicking on that arrow will trigger an update. 


Only modified elements get downloaded - so in most instances it will be faster than the original download. If the course includes discussion forums, you will get a copy of the latest threads and posts. 

Deleting downloaded activities

It is easy to delete all or part of a downloaded course. 

1- Open the dowloaded course from the home menu. 

2- Click on the three dots menu in the top right corner of the course.

3- Select the option called "manage storage"

4- From there you can delete all downloaded elements (the first option) or choose to delete individual elements. Note that deleting a learning component does not delete your progress or completion of that component. 

Delete downloaded activity.gif

Note that you can also also delete ALL downloaded content from the "Preferences" page which can be access through the bottom right menu icon (three lines). 

General app settings

The application includes a number of features allowing to adapt to your preferences and needs. To access user preferences options, click on the bottom right menu on the home page, and select the line "Preferences" as show in this screen capture.

Note that the bottom menu will by default display the last menu page you visited. If you see a different page, simply go back using the top left arrow. 

App general settings.gif

From that page you can customize the theme used for the app, the language of default app menus, or adjust the size of the text displayed. 

Note that the bottom menu will by default display the last menu page you visited. If you don't see the option you are looking for, go back to a previous page using the top left arrow. See screen capture below:


Managing profiles

Several persons can use the same application. If you are going to share a device to access Agora, make sure to always first check if you are connected to your account. 

You can verify that by clicking on the bottom right menu icon (three lines). At the top of the menu main page, you can see details of the account connected. If this is not your account, click on "logout", lower on the page. 


After logging out, you will see a page where a list of existing profiles is displayed. If your profile is listed, click on it. Otherwise, click on the large "plus" button corner, and sign in using your Agora web portal credentials. See screen capture below. 

screen capture

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