What is Agora Offline? It is a stand-alone application that can be installed on Windows-based computers. It allows learning activities from the Agora web portal to be downloaded and completed without using an internet connection. The use of Agora Offline is recommended in offices with slow or unreliable connections or for travelling users who'd like to take some learning materials with them. Upon completing an activity, and when an internet connection is available again, it is then possible to report data back to the web portal to receive full recognition of your development activities.


If the software is not already available on your machine you can download it from HERE.

On mobile devices, you can find the application in your app store searching for "Agora Offline UNICEF". 

If you are using a UNICEF computer on which the Agora Offline software is missing, please create a Service Manager call to get support from your IT focal point(s).

The Agora Offline shortcut looks like this upon installation:


2. Connecting Agora Offline with your learner profile  [requires an internet connection]

When you first use Agora Offline, you will need to login to the Agora web portal to create a connection with your record and provide you with the list of courses you can download on the application.  

3. Downloading activities   [requires an internet connection]

3.1- You will only be able to download activities from the offline player, if you have first enrolled for those activities on the Agora web portal: https://agora.unicef.org.

Browse the catalogue, on the website of Agora, and look for activities that are marked as compatible with Agora Offline (see image).


A specific filter helps you find compatible activities. 


3.2. Once you have enrolled for compatible activities, you will see them appear on the home page of the Agora Offline application.  You can then download a course by clicking on the icon display on the right of the relevant title. 


If you have a slow connection, consider downloading your courses when you are not working and/or overnight. 

4. Completing activities   [does not require an internet connection]

Click on the title of a downloaded activity to open it. 

The layout of the course page is slightly different: you can navigate between course sections with the dropdown menu at the top of the page and/or navigation arrows at the bottom of the page. 

Upon completion of individual modules, you can return to the course home page by clicking on the "back" arrow at the top right of the screen, in the blue banner. 

Note that a course is referenced as compatible with the Agora Offline player when most of its content can be downloaded but some activities and/or resources may still require an internet connection. 

5. Synchronization   [requires an internet connection]

Once you are done using the course in Agora Offline, click on   If some courses have progress data, you will have the option to synchronize this data with the Agora Offline player. Synchronization is important to ensure that all your records and certificates are saved securely, and that you get credited for your learning achievements.  


Created by Agora Admin on 2020/12/19 12:02